DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS: A new arc and a new creative team beginning with Issue #9

DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS: A new arc and a new creative team...

By DCE Editorial Friday, February 3rd, 2012
A spotlight series starring a different hero in each story arc, DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS will be getting a new creative team with issue #9. Following the conclusion of the science-fiction based CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN, the new story arc begins when the nation’s best FBI profiler, Kass Sage, must reach out to her father for help in solving a desperate case. The twist? Her father is the imprisoned serial killer, Vandal Savage. Writing this three-part story will be James Robinson, the acclaimed writer of STARMAN, THE SHADE and the upcoming EARTH 2. And illustrating the book will be the artist of DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS’ premiere story arc (starring Deadman), Bernard Chang. “I'm absolutely jazzed to be working with one of my favorite writers, James Robinson, again,” Chang exclusively told THE SOURCE. “Along with the rest of the superb crew of DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS – cover artist Ryan Sook and editors Eddie Berganza and Wil Moss. I really enjoy telling stories of substance and character, so I'm planning on taking what we did well during the Deadman arc (with Paul Jenkins) and adding even more Tabasco sauce. We’re taking it to the next level!” DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #9 doesn’t hit stores until May, but in the meantime, take an exclusive sneak peek at the new story arc by checking out Chang’s character designs for Kass Sage and Vandal Savage.