MAD #515 in Stores Tomorrow!

MAD #515 in Stores Tomorrow!

By Alex Nagorski Monday, April 23rd, 2012

The Usual Gang of Idiots is up to it again! Hitting newsstands tomorrow, the latest issue of MAD is filled with parodies of everything from iPhones to politicians to The Hunger Games.


“The thing that I’m most excited about in MAD #515 is that every issue is held together by three staples,” said MAD editor John Ficarra. “But that may be a more personal pick. Most readers will probably be more interested in our feature ‘The 50 Worst Things About America.’ Finally, someone has the courage to say what everyone is thinking about the New Hampshire state quarter! (Among other things.) We also have a full-spoof of the hit movie, The Hunger Games, but all-in-all my fav. is still the three staples. So pointy, so shiny!”


To read more from John Ficarra, check out his interview with THE HUFFINGTON POST, which is accompanied by an exclusive first look at items #1-14 of the issue’s “50 worst things about America.” And while you’re in an interview-reading mood, head on over to CNET to read their interview with prolific MAD artist Al Jaffee and to see their exclusive debut of the new issue’s iconic fold-in.

For more exclusive previews of MAD #515, check out the sneak peeks that ran in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, MAXIM, POPMATTERS, WIRED's GEEKDAD, GAWKER’s KOTAKU, MTV GEEK, NEWSARAMA and the DC Entertainment website.

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