Annuals Tease: ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1

Annuals Tease: ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1

By Alex Nagorski Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Curious about the upcoming crossover event between ANIMAL MAN and SWAMP THING, “Rotworld”? The seeds have long been planted in both series and are beginning to really blossom, but for a real first taste of what’s to come, look no further than ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1.


“Whether you’re gearing up for the ANIMAL MAN/SWAMP THING crossover ‘Rotworld’ or a fan of Buddy Baker’s crazy family life, you don’t want to miss ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1,” Assistant Editor Kate Stewart told THE SOURCE. “Both a thrilling tale of the Red and the Green teaming up to fight the Rot and a chilling portent of events to come, this Annual sees writer Jeff Lemire at his best. And the grossly beautiful art by Timothy Green II is bound to give you the best kind of nightmares.”


ANIMAL MAN ANNUAL #1 lands in stores on Wednesday.


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