Countdown to Comic-Con: Gregg Hurwitz on SDCC

Countdown to Comic-Con: Gregg Hurwitz on SDCC

By Tim Beedle Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Every day until the start of Comic-Con, we’re bringing you something cool to help you count down the days to the start of the big show. Last week we debuted our new Comic-Con print ads. For this week, we reached out to some of our favorite writers and artists to ask them what they enjoy most about San Diego Comic-Con.


Our first creator is Gregg Hurwitz, bestselling author and our brand new writer on Batman: The Dark Knight (be sure to pick up or download his debut issue, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #10, which came out last week). Here’s what Gregg had to say about Comic-Con:


“I know there’re all the fancypants fandangled film and TV booths, but my favorite part of Comic-Con is still the old-school lanes—artists’ alley, toys and comics, zombie T-shirts and steampunk She-Hulks, some teenage kid sketching a ninja next to a master drawing Batman lassoing the moon. It’s the wonder. The possibility. I marvel at seeing so much creative expression displayed with so little self-consciousness. Most of all, it’s the vibe. Everyone is there because there’s nowhere else they’d rather be. The artists and writers, the shop owners and distributors, and most of all, the fans—they all love what they do. And Comic-Con SD is the best and biggest place to do it.”



Gregg will be signing in the DC booth and participating in the Batman: Beyond the Night of Owls panel on Thursday, July 12th at 2 p.m. (Room 6DE). If you can’t make the panel, we’ll be covering it live as it unfolds right here on Don’t miss it, and be sure to swing by THE SOURCE again tomorrow for our next Countdown to Comic-Con feature!