SDCC Survival Tip #1: Getting Around

SDCC Survival Tip #1: Getting Around

By Tim Beedle Monday, July 9th, 2012

Comic-Con is now only three days away (or two if you count preview night), and as survivors of many SDCCs past, we thought we’d help prepare those of you who are going for the first time by putting together a few Comic-Con Survival Tips. Comic-Con can be loads of fun and an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your lives, but it can also be overwhelming and many people spend an entire day just getting acclimated to the sheer scope of the show.


Well, as a DC fan, you deserve better than that, and so we’re going to do our best over the next three days to prepare you for what awaits you in San Diego. With a little luck, you’ll hit the convention floor running and ready to grab some of that great Comic-Con swag.


By the way, when we say running, we’re speaking figuratively. You don’t want to run around at Comic-Con, it’ll tire you out and it’s possible you’ll set people into a panic when they mistakenly assume you’re running towards something cool. Besides, there are so many other ways to get around while you’re at Comic-Con.


One of the best things about SDCC is that everything you’ll need is pretty much in walking distance. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, bars, clubs and movie theaters all a short stroll from the convention center. If you do need to go beyond that, the convention shuttles are your best friend. This year they’re running 24 hours for the very first time and stop in over 60 locations. Yes, they’re meant to get attendees from the convention center to their hotels, but those hotels are next to all sorts of great things and a savvy shuttle rider can go hundreds of places without ever having to hail a cab.


Speaking of cabs, they’re around as well, and if you need to get somewhere in a hurry, they’re your best bet (the shuttles are free, but they can take a while). However, if where you’re going is nearby, consider taking a pedicab. They’re all over the place during Comic-Con, can often get you places more quickly than a car and you get to enjoy that great San Diego air!


If you’re a DC fan, you’re going to have plenty of reasons to leave the convention center over the weekend. From the DC-inspired art on display at the Darkness & Light Art Exhibition to the chance to see all six Batmobiles from TV and film at Warner Bros.’ outdoor “Extra” festival, there are plenty of reason to stretch your legs over the weekend.


And we have plenty more to discuss. Check back tomorrow for another SDCC Survival Tip!


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