SDCC 2012: Mad about MAD

SDCC 2012: Mad about MAD

By dce_publisher Saturday, July 14th, 2012

This weekend, thousands of the best writers, artists, editors and journalists have gathered in San Diego for Comic-Con, in what’s become one of the most important and prestigious pop culture events in the nation. So what is MAD doing there? We’re still trying to figure that out, but today we’re taking a break from the figuring to host “Mad about MAD,” a no-holds-barred Q&A panel featuring MAD magazine editor John Ficarra, art director Sam Viviano, assistant art director Ryan Flanders, Sergio Aragones, Tom Richmond and Peter Kuper. 

So far it looks like the audience will be comprised of a few people who fell asleep during the panel before ours and a crew of confused Klingons looking for the bathroom. Oh, and you, of course! You can follow along with the action as it takes place below. It’s our live coverage of the Mad about MAD Comic-Con panel, and it’s available to you for absolutely free. Because, really, who would want to pay for it?

Check it out: