Animal Man writer Jeff Lemire talks Rotworld Prelude

Animal Man writer Jeff Lemire talks Rotworld Prelude

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Monday, July 30th, 2012


“The Rot has won. The End is here.

Rotworld is the biggest story I've been a part of since I started writing for DC Comics. If you've been reading both Animal Man and Swamp Thing (and if you haven't you should start right now!) you'll know that Scott "Swampy" Snyder and I have been building and planning this story for over a year. It's massive in scope and it will have lasting consequences for both The Baker family and Alec Holland.

This is the
DCU, obliterated and consumed by The Rot. It's a sprawling post-apocalyptic saga with only heroes and villains with some connection to The Red or The Green left to fight. I think readers will be surprised to see not only Animal man and Swamp Thing but dozens of characters from throughout the New 52 universe involved in the story. Some of them already lost to The Rot others will appear in surprising ways.

The whole Rotworld story wouldn't be possible without the amazing artists we have working with us. Yanick Paquette is killing it on Swamp Thing and I'm lucky enough to be working with one of my favorite artists Steve Pugh, as well as my Animal Man Annual collaborator Timothy Green II, both beautifully colored by Lovern Kindzeirski.

Rotworld is a true labor of love for all of us, we're working hard to create a really special story and we hope you come along for the journey. But stick close, you never know what might be lurking out there in the Rotlands...”