Paperback Spotlight – SUPERBOY VOL. 1: INCUBATION

Paperback Spotlight – SUPERBOY VOL. 1: INCUBATION

By Alex Nagorski Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

It’s hard to believe that we’re already almost one full year into DC COMICS-THE NEW 52. To celebrate this monumental anniversary, each day this week on THE SOURCE we’ll be spotlighting a different paperback collected edition being released this month. With the launch storylines of these critically acclaimed series collected for the first time in their entirety, it’s a great way for new readers to join the growing DC Universe. Today, we shed a spotlight on SUPERBOY VOL. 1: INCUBATION.


"I would have been a lot more intimidated at the thought of reintroducing Superboy to a new audience if I wasn't working with the phenomenally talented artist R.B. Silva. From the Jimmy Olsen back-up feature to illustrating the all new adventures of Superboy?  It made perfect sense to anyone who saw how devoted he is to making sure his characters nearly leap off of every page!” writer Scott Lobdell told THE SOURCE.

“While the original intent was to preserve as much of Superboy's original origin as possible ... as changes were made to Superman (the Kents were not alive) and Teen Titans (this was to be the first gathering of teen superheroes with that name) it became clearer that Kon El just could have not existed as he was originally created. So it was left to me to try to preserve what was most important about his origin -- the core of the character -- so that new fans and old would come to love Superboy for the always exciting character that he is and always has been!”


“Since you are reading this exclusive SOURCE blog, it is only fair that I give you an exclusive story... but only if you promise not to blab it all over the Black Hole that is Tumblr! When I was naming Daniel Templar in Superboy, I accidentally typed a ‘Z’ instead of ‘D.’ When I read it after I turned it into my editor (hey, Chris!) I noticed the typo and I thought ‘Zaniel?! What an interesting name!’ and so I left it!”


“First, I want it on record that I was certain that was a totally intentional name, and that I don’t make a habit of letting major characters get christened by typos,” continued series editor Chris Conroy. “But ego aside: stuff like that is all part of the seat-of-your-pants joy of working with Scott Lobdell, who never, ever fails to surprise. I’m immensely proud of the wild, crazy story that Scott and RB cooked up for this first volume of SUPERBOY, and I’m psyched at all the twists and turns we’ve built into the character. He hasn’t even met Superman yet, and we’ve still got dozens of questions to answer for you! This book is the perfect primer for some of the absolutely bonkers Super-stories coming your way in year two of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, and I want everyone to enjoy the hard work of Scott, RB, inker Rob Lean, colorists Tanya & Richard Horie, letterer Carlos Mangual, cover artists Shane Davis and Eric Canete … They’re starting to play me off now, aren’t they?”


SUPERBOY VOL. 1: INCUBATION is available in bookstores everywhere now.