DC Week-In-Review: September 14th

DC Week-In-Review: September 14th

By Tim Beedle Friday, September 14th, 2012

Any week that starts off with a couple of awards and wraps up with a bunch of brand new announcements is a pretty good week in our eyes. Especially when the rest of the days are spent reading new eye-opening zero issues. And that’s to say nothing about the brand new DC animated feature on the horizon (that just so happens to be based on one of the most acclaimed, beloved and widely read graphic novels in history) and the brand new TV show set to make its debut next month that’s based on one of DC’s classic characters.


Hey, we call it THE NEW 52 for a reason, folks.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


We started things off over the weekend with a one-of-a-kind creator appearance. To celebrate the release of GREEN LANTERN #0, series writer Geoff Johns visited his home state of Michigan. While there, Geoff made a special appearance at the Arab American National Museum, where he talked about Simon Baz, DC’s first Arab American super hero.


Also over the weekend, J.H. Williams III picked up two Harvey Awards for his work on Batwoman. Congratulations, sir!


As the week began, so did our roll-out of new cover art. We started with an exclusive first look at the covers for the third week of Zero Month before showing off P. Craig Russell’s variant cover for BEFORE WATCHMEN: DR. MANHATTAN #2 and Aaron Kuder’s variant for BATMAN #13 (which has proven to be a very unlucky number for some poor elevator riders).


On Wednesday, we launched the latest in our series of giveaways, this time giving our Twitter followers a chance to win a Deadman card signed by artist Bernard Chang.


We also stopped with all the teasing and revealed our latest statue from DC Collectibles, by way of a slick, sexy new trailer. Say hello to Arkham City: Harley Quinn!


Alan Moore fans who enjoy reading comics and graphic novels digitally may want to take note that some of his most popular and widely acclaimed graphic novels are now available in the iBookstore.


So far so good, but the second half of our week saw a steady stream of announcements that kept the conversation flowing…


First, we announced the artist of the upcoming DJANGO UNCHAINED miniseries—R.M. Guéra!


Then Buzzfeed announced the new Justice League creative team before USA Today helped us spread the word about “Throne of Atlantis,” an epic-scale crossover taking place in both Justice League and Aquaman.


We also announced JSA LIBERTY FILES: THE WHISTLING SKULL, a pulp-inspired new miniseries from the creative super-team of B. Clay Moore and Tony Harris.


Wrapping up this week, in our latest edition of 5.2 Reasons, we paid tribute to DC COMICS – THE NEW 52’s anniversary by looking forward to what’s in store in year two.


Finally, we finished up by revealing that Alberto Ponticelli will be taking over art duties on Dial H (while also debuting issue #7’s entrancing new cover).


That’ll just about do it for this week, but if you’re a Green Arrow fan, you may want to keep an eye on THE SOURCE today, or possibly cruise on over to CBR right now. Just sayin’…


See you in seven!

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