Ask DC Collectibles: September 26th

Ask DC Collectibles: September 26th

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

You ask, we answer. That’s the heart of Ask DC Collectibles, the last of our new ongoing features highlighting the great products available through DC Collectibles. Every month on the DC Collectibles Facebook page, we’ll be giving you an opportunity to ask us questions about our statues, action figures, busts and prints. We’ll pick five of the more popular questions and answer them right here on Below, we sound off on our 3 ¾ line, Arkham City and more.

Jim Fletcher, Director, Creative Services and Kevin Kiniry, Executive Director, Creative Services are wondering if you have any questions...


Will you continue the new 3 3/4 line without making it exclusive for conventions?


The 3 3/4 action figure line seemed to generate a lot of buzz during and after the San Diego Comic Convention. Of course, we were very excited by the response. The next set is a two-pack available at New York Comic-Con in October with some additional characters planned for other future conventions. We are still looking into where this line of action figures could live, so for 2013 look for them at conventions. But there may be something unexpected along the way as well!


And no, we can’t tell you what it might be. Sorry, but if we did that, it wouldn’t be unexpected!



Are you going to produce anything Pre-DCnu, based entirely on comics?


Right now we are focusing on the DC COMICS- THE NEW 52 look for many of the product lines. You will see that the Bust line, Cover Girls and Justice League action figure lines are all in the New 52 look. We wanted to explore these new looks since they’re, well, new. There’s no product out there yet for them. But we hear you, and if you’re still longing for some retro looks, check out for a listing of our past merchandise. Also keep an eye out for amazing pre-New 52 merchandise from our licensing partners like Mattel, SideShow Collectibles and Tonner Dolls.



Can we get something NEW? We have had like 52 Harleys, 52 Green Lanterns, etc.


We love all of the DC Comics characters equally and we know that you do too! Harley Quinn and the Green Lantern Corps are particular favorites of a lot of the DC Collectibles audience and the products based around them are top sellers. We will continue to offer those popular characters, but rest assured, we also want character diversity. So be on the lookout for some major Justice Leaguers as well as some other members of the DC Comics universe of characters in our statue, bust and even action figure lines.


After all, it’s The NEW 52, right? We can’t forget about the new, especially if we’re putting out 52 Harleys and Green Lanterns, right? ;)


Humans, aliens, demons, Atlanteans... Our Collectibles are one diverse bunch.


What is going on with the Arkham City Action Figure line?


So much that we can hardly wait to talk about it! Be sure to check out the DC Collectibles case at New York Comic-Con this October or tune in to the convention updates on to see what we reveal. Also, in addition to all of the fun stuff that you will see in October, we have some really great things coming to you in 2013.


Unfortunately, we can't show you what Arkham City action figures are going to be unveiled at NYCC. But we can show you the veil!


Why have you cut back so dramatically on the amount of action figures each year?


DC Collectibles has a laser-focused mission to produce compelling product for our comic and toy fans. Part of this mission is to push our resources toward some really amazing initiatives (which is really easy to do when you’re pointing a laser at them). To help us stay on top of this and make sure we’re covering as big an area as possible, we’re choosing to focus on only certain lines in each major category (busts, statues, action figures). This allows us to continue the action figure lines longer and also try some innovative things like our deluxe size action figures (Darkseid, Titan Joker, Killer Croc). If there’s a licensee that can also support a category, we want their help in providing great product to our fans as well. We have a great relationship with Mattel and talk often about how we can make sure there are plenty of action figures to go around. So trust us, if action figures are your thing, they’re not going anywhere.

Which is more than we can say for our laser. Anyone seen it? We could swear we left it right over here… ZAP!!!


Uh…okay. Well, that’s going to do it for this week’s edition of Ask DC Collectibles. Look for another edition again in a month, barring further equipment malfunctions. Also, if you have a question for DC Collectibles that wasn’t answered today, be sure to like their Facebook page for your chance to submit questions for the next edition.


Some of our recent and upcoming action figures. We're going to need a bigger boat--err, bookshelf.