The Green Arrow 101 Sale

The Green Arrow 101 Sale

By Kevin Mahadeo Friday, October 5th, 2012

Oliver Queen’s path from spoiled billionaire to heroic, emerald-hued vigilante fighting for the common man is filled with the struggle for survival, a life-changing lesson in personal responsibility, and too many arrows to count.


As the Green Arrow, Ollie protects the people of Star City from corrupt and powerful members of society who aim to use and exploit them. Equipped with his bow and arsenal of trick arrows—from nets to smoke bombs to a boxing glove (true story)—Ollie became one of the most recognizable heroes in the DC Universe, growing in popularity and even becoming a key member of the Justice League of America.


To celebrate the life of the eagle-eyed sharpshooter and the upcoming premiere of the CW television series Arrow, whose first episode hits screens on Wednesday, Oct 10, at 8 pm EST, DC Digital Comics is holding a special Green Arrow 101 Sale! Whether you’re already a fan of the character who’s curious to learn more, or you’ve just checked out the show and you’re looking for more arrow action, take aim and fire into the world of the Emerald Archer with over 100 comic book issues—all for only 99 cents each!


The 6-Day sale begins on 10/6 in the DC Digital Store! Act while you can and strike a bulls-eye before time runs out and you miss the mark!


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