NYCC Survival Tip #2: Careful Cosplaying

NYCC Survival Tip #2: Careful Cosplaying

By Kevin Mahadeo Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

By "careful cosplaying" we don't mean watching out for other cosplayers dressed as your archenemy that you'll then have to do battle with (although totally be aware of that—you will have to fight your archenemy). What we mean is that while razzling and dazzling the crowd at the con with your kickass costume, keep note of these few things:


First, if your costume is rather elaborate with expansive pieces, keep an eye out when maneuvering through crowds (and expect crowds at NYCC—crazy ones!). You don't want your costume getting squished or broken, and you don’t want the wings of your wicked Hawkgirl getup whacking your fellow con-goers in their faces. Not unless you want to have to prove your prowess as a Thanagarian warrior. Second, while posing for photos is part of the cosplay experience, realize that there’s a time and place for it. Posing in the middle of a crowded aisle can stop traffic and anger people, and even get the fire marshal involved. Lastly, with so many people in the convention area, things can get a little hot. If you're wearing a heavy or full-body costume, make sure to keep yourself hydrated or that you're able to take off the headpiece to breathe a little.


But above all, have fun! We love our fans and are always excited to see the effort you guys put into your costumes, so swing by the DC Booth, ESPECIALLY if you’re cosplaying as a DC villain. In celebration of Villains Month, we’ll be putting together a special video on villainous cosplayers, so if you’re dressing up as one of the bad boys or girls of the DCU, be sure to swing on by. You may be featured in one of our Con Away From Con videos!


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