Survival Tip #3: Money, Money, Mooooney... MONNNEY!

Survival Tip #3: Money, Money, Mooooney... MONNNEY!

By Kevin Mahadeo Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

There is a lot of really, really cool swag at conventions. From toys to statues to comic books and graphic novels to replica weapons like the Sword of Omens (we have seen this and it is awesome!). Shopping at conventions can be a lot of fun, but what's not as fun is only having a credit card handy, running out of cash, or waiting in lines at the ATM.


Different vendors accept different types of payment methods. Some accept only credit cards, some accept only cash, and a few accept both. Therefore, it’s a good plan to carry both on you. When it comes to cash, make sure you have enough. There's a lot to buy, and if you run out, you could find yourself waiting in line for a long time to use an ATM—and you'll then get charged a withdrawal fee! Of about a thousand dollars! (Well, not really, but expect the ATM fees on the convention center ATMs to be on the high side.) And that’s to say nothing about the fact that sometimes those ATMs run out of cash.


This is one time where being prepared will save you both time and money!


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