The #1 Issues Sale

The #1 Issues Sale

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, October 11th, 2012

New York Comic-Con kicks off today, with the opening of the door at the Jacob Javits Center and the roar of thousands of fans as they pour in wide-eyed and in awe at the sheer amount of comic greatness. It’s a wonderful time for all fans, as amazing announcements are made (stay tuned to for our Con Away from Con Coverage!) and creators meet, greet, sign and sometimes even sketch for attendees.


In celebration of this, well, celebration of comics, DC Digital Comics is holding a special event for fans both new and old with our #1 Issues Sale! Check out 100 #1 issues of critically acclaimed, award winning, and all-around fantastic comic book titles perfect for longtime fans or anyone looking to delve into the wonderful world of comics for the first time. These fantastic starting points represent some of the best material from throughout our digital catalogue—including BATMAN, SUPERMAN, THE FLASH, WONDER WOMAN, THE UNWRITTEN, AMERICAN VAMPIRE, SANDMAN, and more—and they’re all only 99 cents each!


The 4-Day sale begins in the DC Digital Store on 10/12 and continues all throughout Comic-Con weekend!



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