DC Week-In-Review: October 12th

DC Week-In-Review: October 12th

By Tim Beedle Friday, October 12th, 2012

Yes, we’re currently in New York providing our informative, innovative and downright inspirational Con Away From Con coverage. Yet, busy as we are and as amazing as this convention has been (is that guy over there wearing a Vibe costume?), we couldn’t possibly let a week like this pass us by without reviewing it. Not when we have a major publishing event, a major TV show debut and a major comic book convention all hit in the exact same week. Heck, we need to review this bad boy just so we know it wasn’t all a dream. So, let’s recap, shall we?


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


We started things off by offering up a few survival tips for those of you making the trip to Manhattan. First, we discussed the importance of planning ahead, then instructed all of you to take care when cosplaying, then reminded all of you to bring money. Because, no, we’re not going to spot you a twenty. (You still haven’t paid us back from SDCC.)


The super-villains also seem to be growing in numbers on our character page. Take a look at the latest bad guys to be added to the lineup:


Black Adam

Captain Cold




Just don’t let them see you looking…if you know what we mean.


This Wednesday, we celebrated Arrow Day. And when we celebrate something, we don’t hold back. Television premiere, free comic book, new digital first series…


Speaking of Arrow, it was also the target of this week’s 5.2 Reasons column. We’re firing off about everything we loved in the premiere and taking a shot at predicting what’s ahead. (Let’s hope it’s not more archery puns. By now, we’ve all gotten the point. Sorry...couldn’t resist!)


DC Collectibles revealed their latest statue, the All New Metallic Superman by Frank Miller, in a soaring new trailer.


We also introduced our latest Twitter giveaway. Two lucky winners this week will receive LEGO Batman prize packages, which include copies of the new LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary, as well as the best-selling LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes videogame!


But it was a Batman of an entirely different sort we found ourselves thinking about on Wednesday evening. Did you read BATMAN #13 yet? It marks the start of “Death of the Family,” but we gave you a glimpse of what you were in for earlier that day with this reveal of the Joker.


And what about that identity switch near the end of the issue? You know the one we’re talking about. You don’t? Then check out today’s This Just Happened. Though, you may want to read the issue first, unless you’re the sort of person who reads the end of a book first.


Once we hit the midway point of this week, it was just a steady stream of news and announcements here on DCComics.com, as New York Comic-Con kicked into gear.


First we announced that Ethan Van Sciver will be joining the Batman: The Dark Knight creative team starting with issue #16, and showed off a new cover that we’re absolutely mad for.


Then we gave you a nice look at some of the DC Collectibles that will be unveiled at New York Comic-Con. And we found ourselves wishing we had an antique plane we could paint some of those DC Bombshells on. (Think we could get one on Ebay?)


After that, we announced our new Action Comics creative team, while teasing Superman’s new Action Comics look. No, he’s not going back to the blue jeans.


We also announced our new writer for Demon Knights. We’re looking forward to discovering Mr. Venditti’s great gift for rhyme. (Yes, yes, some other time.)


As the week wore on, we let you all know about our latest batch of Annuals, which will be hitting shops in January, and giving us all the more incentive to hold to our resolution of visiting our local comic shop more regularly.


Not a bad batch of announcements, eh? But you know what would make it even better? Oh, how about a brand new Superman series written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Jim Lee?


Yeah, like we said, it’s been a monster of a week, and it’s not over yet. In fact, New York Comic-Con is just getting started, which means you can expect more news, announcements and just overall wicked cool stuff all weekend long.


Keep your eye on our Con Away From Con page during New York Comic-Con. It’ll continue to be updated with new panel recaps and videos, making sure you stay in the know about all the stuff worth knowing.


Have a great Comic-Con weekend, and we’ll see you again in seven!

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