NYCC 2012: Vertigo - Fables 10th Anniversary

NYCC 2012: Vertigo - Fables 10th Anniversary

By DCE Editorial Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Has it really been ten years since we were first introduced to Snow White, Bigby Wolf, Rose Red and all the residents of Fabletown? It has indeed, and what a journey it's been. Through more than 120 issues, numerous graphic novels, multiple Eisner Awards and a highly-acclaimed spin-off or two, the cast of Bill Willingham's beloved fantasy series have come to feel like good friends. Fortunately, while the years have brought changes to Fables, the one thing this comic book series hasn't done is slowed down. In fact, with the success of Fairest, the upcoming original graphic novel Werewolves of the Heartland, and the recent conclusion of "Cubs in Toyland," one of the most talked-about Fables storylines in ages, this great comic is still living happily ever after.


Our moderating mundie John Cunningham is now being joined onstage in room 1A23 by Fables creator and writer Bill Willingham, group editor Shelly Bond, Phil Jimenez (Fairest), Matt Sturges (Fairest), Sean E. Williams (Fairest) and more. It's one panel that's sure to be legendary, and you can follow it all below:



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