Paul Pelletier joins AQUAMAN as new regular artist

Paul Pelletier joins AQUAMAN as new regular artist

By Alex Segura Saturday, October 13th, 2012

Aquaman’s getting a new look in February – courtesy of new artist Paul Pelletier.
Pelletier will team up with regular writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and colorist Rod Reis starting with February’s AQUAMAN #15 for the soon-to-be-epic “Throne of Atlantis” storyline, which crosses over between AQUAMAN and JUSTICE LEAGUE – featuring the art of recent Atlantis resident Ivan Reis.
Pelletier boasts a stellar resume that includes stints on SUPERMAN, THE FLASH and more – but it’s been a while since he’s graced the pages of a DC title. We reached out to Paul to get a sense about what his plans are for the new gig. Take it away, Paul:
“I really want to push myself to do the best work I can for Aquaman. Over the years, Geoff Johns and I have had a couple of near misses, so it’s really cool to finally get the chance to work with him on this book. Ivan Reis has set a really high standard for the art on Aquaman, so I’ve got some big shoes to fill. I think Aquaman is going to be a lot of fun to work on, and I look forward to the challenge.”
We also reached out to Johns for some thoughts on Paul joining the art team.
"I've been a fan of Paul's for a long time now, his HULK work was phenomenal and I'm anxious for everyone to see his work on Aquaman as we delve into the second year. Paul's bringing a sense of regal power to Arthur and Mera,” Johns said. “As we head into THRONE OF ATLANTIS we'll see the Justice League and Aquaman's relationship evolve when the team comes face-to-face with a mystery that explodes into an all-out war between land and sea. We've held off on Atlantis for awhile now, because Atlantis is a place of mystery. They aren't simply people that live underwater. Their society is extremely different from ours. Part throwback and almost part alien. They aren't what you expect. Especially, Aquaman's brother - Ocean Master. They've barely spent any time in our world. They don't understand it. And they don't understand while their former King would ever abandon Atlantis for the chaotic, war-torn surface world we call home. Paul's jumping into the deep end (Sorry! Trust me, aquatic puns just happen when you're working on this book.) with THRONE OF ATLANTIS. Paul and Ivan Reis & Joe Prado tackle a story that goes from Smallville to Gotham to Atlantis to places yet explored in the sea, as the Justice League uncover a secret about Aquaman that no one, not even Arthur himself, knows."
Can’t wait? Here’s a handy Throne of Atlantis checklist, so you don’t miss an issue:

Prelude to Throne of Atlantis: AQUAMAN #14
Throne of Atlantis Chapter 1: JUSTICE LEAGUE #15
Throne of Atlantis Chapter 2: AQUAMAN #15
Throne of Atlantis Chapter 3: JUSTICE LEAGUE #16
Throne of Atlantis Chapter 4: AQUAMAN #16
Throne of Atlantis Finale: JUSTICE LEAGUE #17


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