NYCC 2012: DC Comics: Batman - Death Comes to Gotham

NYCC 2012: DC Comics: Batman - Death Comes to Gotham

By DCE Editorial Sunday, October 14th, 2012

The Night of the Owls may be over, but if anything, things are only getting darker for Gotham's guardians. Unfolding in the pages of nearly every Bat-title, "Death of the Family" promises to have Batman fans talking for least when they're not turning pages nervously, perched on the edge of their seat. The Joker has returned, and tragedy may once again be in store for Bruce Wayne and his friends and allies. But when will it strike, and to whom? The only thing we know for certain is that Gotham will never be the same.


Seated alongside moderator John Cunningham in room 1E13 is a full team of Bat-talent ready to discuss what awaits us, including Scott Snyder (Batman), David Finch (Batman: The Dark Knight), Gregg Hurwitz (Batman: The Dark Knight), Grant Morrison (Batman, Incorporated), Kyle Higgins (Nightwing), Peter Tomasi (Batman and Robin), James Tynion IV (Talon), Scott Lobdell (Red Hood and the Outlaws) and more.


We're wrapping up our live panel coverage with one of the most anticipated panels of the show. And you can see exactly what's revealed below:



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