DC Week-In-Review: November 2nd

DC Week-In-Review: November 2nd

By Tim Beedle Friday, November 2nd, 2012

So…you come down from that Halloween sugar rush yet? Well, if you have at least you have a nice long weekend ahead of you to recover and read some of those extra-sized annuals that came out Wednesday. Actually, it felt like this entire week was extra-sized with everything that was happening around here on DCComics.com. Super-Villains Month, Halloween, Justice League Kias… Let’s discuss a few highlights for people who might have missed out.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


This week saw the release of four eagerly awaited annuals, and we made sure to shine our editorial spotlight on each one of them in turn. Last week we looked at Justice League Dark and Batgirl. This week, however, we took a good look at the Becky Cloonan-illustrated SWAMP THING ANNUAL #1 and the kryptonite-fueled chaos of ACTION COMICS ANNUAL #1.


We also revealed the results of our poll to elect 2012’s Ultimate Super-Villain Team. This group represents the most popular baddies in the comic book biz, as chosen by the people who should know—the fans! If you haven’t yet seen the roster, you’re definitely going to want to take a look to check if your favorite villain made the cut. Frankly, we’re a little disappointed that Ambush Bug didn’t…


On Tuesday we took Batman fans on a trip through Li’l Gotham, a fun, colorful take on the world of the Dark Knight as envisioned by author and artist Dustin Nguyen and co-writer Derek Fridolfs. If you like what you see, don’t forget to download the first issue, which is available now in the DC Digital Store.


If only that trip came courtesy of a sweet, custom-built ride like one of Justice League-inspired Kias. We unveiled four new ones at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, each one modeled after a different hero. Click here to read about the cars based on Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg, as well as the previously revealed Batman car. And keep an eye out for the final three cars in 2013!


Superman fans had much to savor this week with the release of SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE Vol. 2. We celebrated this highly anticipated graphic novel by showing off some pages from Shane Davis’ Earth One sketchbook. Then we expanded the Clark Kent conversation by breaking down the 5.2 Reasons it’s a great time to be a Superman fan in our popular weekly feature.


Halloween fell on a Wednesday this year, which means we not only got candy, but new comics as well (we’ll be telling tales and singing songs about that glorious day well into our golden years…or at least until our friends tell us to shut up about it). We made sure we had lots of ways for you to celebrate the day DC-style, including plenty of scary comics, which we discussed right here.


We also wrapped up Super-Villains Month with an exclusive image of the Joker from the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us videogame. If you think that grin’s frightening, wait till you hear his laugh…


DC Collectibles launched a new edition of Spoiler Alert (which is currently continuing on the DC Collectibles Facebook page). Look for the reveal and another sweet treat from the Collectibles crew next week here in THE SOURCE. And no, we’re not talking about candy. We’ve all had more than enough of that this week…


Batman fans wondering who might be behind the upcoming installments of Legends of the Dark Knight got a list of the titles and creative teams behind the next several storylines. Chris Sprouse and Karl Story drawing Batman? Yes, please!


Finally, readers of Action Comics got a dark little surprise when they read the Action Comics Annual’s backup story (if “read” is even the correct descriptor, considering the story’s entirely wordless). What was it? Well, we’d hate to ruin it for you…but that’s kind of the point of This Just Happened, isn’t it?


Shocks, surprises, costumes, masks… It’s like comic books and Halloween were made for each other! Do we really have to wait another year to do it again? Well, at least the next two days are days off. And with that…we’ll see you all again in seven!

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