Greg Capullo Talks BATMAN #15 and “Death Of The Family”

Greg Capullo Talks BATMAN #15 and “Death Of The Family”

By Alex Nagorski Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Yesterday, “Death of the Family” continued as the eagerly-anticipated BATMAN #14 hit shelves.


From the critically revered and New York Times bestselling creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo, the issue made some major revelations about Gotham City’s Clown Prince of Crime and his ruthless plans to annihilate The Dark Knight’s allies. And with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger for an ending, BATMAN #14 already had us clamoring for more. So what’s coming next?


“We've got some really cool, bombastic stuff here. Some explosive stuff,” Capullo teased to NEWSARAMA about the upcoming BATMAN #15. “And one of the things that The Joker is good at is getting inside people's heads, right? And so, if he can get in their heads and start to divide and conquer, how much easier is it for him to execute his plan? Which is to destroy the Bat-family. So we're going to start to see the seeds of destruction come to fruit here in this issue. And as we saw, The Joker has possession of Alfred. There's a very disturbing scene in this issue, carrying that ball forward down the field.”


Below, take a first look at some interior art from BATMAN #15. For more sneak peeks inside the book, head on over to MTV GEEK, IGN, COMIC BOOK RESOURCES, NEWSARAMA and COMIC VINE, where you’ll also get to read more from Capullo about The Joker and what’s still to come in “Death of the Family”! 


BATMAN #15 lands in stores on December 12.