DETECTIVE COMICS Joins “Death of the Family”

DETECTIVE COMICS Joins “Death of the Family”

By Alex Nagorski Monday, December 3rd, 2012

This winter, The Joker is on the loose and is seeking revenge against the Bat-family in the acclaimed comic book event, “Death of the Family.”


Fans have already seen the beginning of this crossover’s impact on series such as BATMAN, BATGIRL, CATWOMAN, and SUICIDE SQUAD. This week, another title will feel the consequences of the Clown Prince of Crime’s bloody return to Gotham City: DETECTIVE COMICS #15.


“It’s weird because when I came on, I didn’t know about ‘Death of the Family’ and I had this Penguin-oriented story and then the Snyder stuff got presented me, and it actually really worked with what I needed to do,” writer John Layman revealed to POPMATTERS. “Penguin has to be at a certain place for my story to work. And it was just sort of synchronicity that I could hand him over to Scott.”


“What I do with the next two issues is tell a story that's all about ‘This is Gotham when Joker's in town,’” Layman continued to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. “Yes, it's got some specifics to ‘Death of the Family,’ but if for whatever reason, if you can only buy DETECTIVE, I still want to give you something satisfying on its own. This shows how the city is affected when Joker's in town, and it doesn't necessarily have to be ‘Death of the Family’ specific, although it is."


“Drawing the Joker has been pretty great, but honestly, John Layman has come up with a really awesome and unique spin for our Joker themed issues. I can't say much about it, but the stories for these books are simply incredible,” artist Jason Fabok teased to NEWSARAMA.


To read more from John Layman, check out the full interviews with him that ran this morning on POPMATTERS and COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. To read more from Jason Fabok, read the complete interview the artist conducted with NEWSARAMA. And don’t forget to visit all three outlets for a preview of DETECTIVE COMICS #15, which flies onto shelves this Wednesday.