Tuesday Roundup: December 4th

Tuesday Roundup: December 4th

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

All month long, comic book fans will be coming together to celebrate the season of giving, togetherness, joy and…rot?


Well, yes. The holidays may be known as a festive time, but with Rotworld in full swing, we’re bringing a little decomposition to December in 2012. The shocking, suspenseful storyline which unfolds each month in both Swamp Thing and Animal Man continues in both comics this week. ANIMAL MAN #15 finds Buddy Baker, Black Orchid, John Constantine, Beast Boy, Steel and Frankenstein running into the ferocious, furry frenzy of Gorilla Grodd and his minions. And judging by this week’s “brainy” new preview, it doesn’t look like they’re be teaming up to fight a common enemy. Then in SWAMP THING #15, Swamp Thing and Deadman make their way to Gotham, but first they must deal with William Arcane. It’s probably safe to assume young William’s not going to make Santa’s nice list this year…


Of course, that’s just the start of this week’s excitement. “Death of the Family” visits Detective Comics this week, and we have three different links to a slick preview of issue #15 below. All this, plus new Before Watchmen: Comedian, Before Watchmen: Minutemen, Earth 2, Green Arrow, Dial H and the debut of Human Bomb. Also, a special shout-out this week to the Superman Facebook page, which recently passed the 3 million mark. That’s a whole lotta “likes,” and as a thank you, we debuted this week’s ACTION COMICS #15 preview there.


Here’s what hit the web this past week…


USA TODAY ran an exclusive preview of BEFORE WATCHMEN: COMEDIAN #4 and interviewed writer Brian Azzarello.


IGN ran an exclusive preview of BEFORE WATCHMEN: MINUTEMEN #5.




MTV GEEK ran an exclusive preview of SWAMP THING #15.


COMIC BOOK RESOURCES ran an exclusive preview of ANIMAL MAN #15.


THE MARY SUE ran an exclusive preview of WORLDS’ FINEST #7.


NEWSARAMA ran an exclusive preview of EARTH 2 #7.


GAWKER’s KOTAKU ran an exclusive preview of DIAL H #7.


CBS MAN CAVE ran an exclusive preview of BATWING #15.


POPMATTERS ran an exclusive preview of STORMWATCH #15.


COMIC VINE ran an exclusive preview of HUMAN BOMB #1.


IFANBOY ran an exclusive preview of GREEN ARROW #15.


The official Superman Facebook page ran an exclusive preview of ACTION COMICS #15 to commemorate reaching over three million “Likes.”


The DC Comics website ran exclusive previews of FAIREST #10, G.I. COMBAT #7, and THE PHANTOM STRANGER #3.

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