Tuesday Roundup: December 18th

Tuesday Roundup: December 18th

By Alex Nagorski Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

It’s our final Tuesday Roundup post of the year!


Since the DCE offices will be closed next week, we’ve got a special holiday gift for you: two weeks worth of previews, all rolled into one! This week, take a first look at DJANGO UNCHAINED #1, the official comic book adaptation of the upcoming film by Quentin Tarantino. Meanwhile in Gotham, “Death of the Family” introduces RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS and NIGHTWING to the Joker-centric crossover event. And speaking of crossovers, this week also sees the release of the next chapter of “H’El on Earth” with SUPERGIRL #15 (including a jaw-dropping ending you won’t want to miss!), and “Rise of the Third Army” with GREEN LANTERN #15 and GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #15.


And splashing into stores on December 26 is the official part one of “Throne of Atlantis” – JUSTICE LEAGUE #15! Check out the exclusive preview of the book and then don’t forget to pick up part two in AQUAMAN #15, which washes onto shelves the very same day. Also on the 26th, BEFORE WATCHMEN: NITE OWL reaches its grand finale as these acclaimed prequel mini-series continue to wrap up and tie into the acclaimed original graphic novel they are based upon.


Here’s what hit the web this past week …


  • MOVIEFONE ran an exclusive preview of DJANGO UNCHAINED #1. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY exclusively debuted the issue's foreward by film director Quentin Tarantino and its centerfold by DCE Co-Publisher Jim Lee.



  • USA TODAY ran an exclusive preview of WONDER WOMAN #15 and interviewed artist Cliff Chiang.





  • MTV GEEK ran an exclusive preview of SUPERGIRL #15.


  • POPMATTERS ran an exclusive preview of BEFORE WATCHMEN: NITE OWL #4.


  • IGN ran an exclusive preview of GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #15.






  • THE MARY SUE ran an exclusive preview of SWORD OF SORCERY #3.


  • COMIC VINE ran an exclusive preview of JSA LIBERTY FILES: THE WHISTLING SKULL #1.


  • IFANBOY ran an exclusive preview of DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #15.


  • GAMMA SQUAD ran an exclusive preview of LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #15.