Spoiler Alert: January 9th

Spoiler Alert: January 9th

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

It’s a new year, which means it’s the perfect time for a new edition of Spoiler Alert!


Actually, around these parts, we believe every day is a perfect day for Spoiler Alert. But the fact that this is the first Spoiler Alert of 2013 makes this installment worthy of something special, and we think we have a really cool new collectible to reveal to you…one heavily redacted, closely photographed image at a time.


Yeah, this one’s a little tough, but that’s never stopped you before. Let’s see if you can figure it out. But first, let’s explain how this works for all of the new kids in class. Below you’ll find a heavily redacted, tightly shot photograph of a new, not-yet-announced product from DC Collectibles. Take a look at the image and offer up your best guess as to what it is down below in the comments section. Then stop by the DC Collectibles Facebook page every day over the next week for a new Spoiler Alert image until we reveal the new product next Tuesday.


Ready to ring in the new year with the glorious sound of speculation? Then here’s your first image…



We wish you the best of luck—both in 2013 and in figuring out what it is you’re looking at!

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