12 "Holy Smoke!" Moments in Comics from 2012, Part 2

12 "Holy Smoke!" Moments in Comics from 2012,...

By Kevin Mahadeo Friday, January 11th, 2013

Over the past few weeks, “Best of” lists dominated the Interwebs—ranging from music to television to, of course, comic books. We even made a blog post linking a few of them that featured some of the great DC titles from THE NEW 52, Vertigo, and more.


Yesterday, we posted the first half of our own list celebrating the awesomeness of DC Comics in 2012 with the 12 "Holy Smoke!" Moments in Comics from 2012—six moments that had us screaming in excitement and surprise and that pumped us full of unbridled fan-thusiasm. It’s like regular enthusiasm covered with a healthy dose of fantasticness!


Today, we finish up our list with the final six "Holy Smoke!" Moments in Comics from 2012!


Aquaman’s Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

For anyone who doesn’t like venturing into the ocean, this moment is probably one of your biggest fears. You’re swimming along—an act of which the sole purpose is to make sure you don’t die—when all of a sudden you look behind you and you see rows of giant white gleaming fangs. This is exactly the situation a young Arthur Curry found himself in while diving into the deep in AQUAMAN #0. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, indeed.



Penguins Can't Fly
From the first image released of Alfred of BATMAN: EARTH ONE fans knew one thing for sure: this it not the Alfred we’re used to seeing. Needless to say, Alfred proved how much of a badass he was throughout the entirety of the Geoff Johns-penned OGN. But without a doubt, the ultimate "Holy smoke!" moment came during the book’s climax when Alfred blew the Penguin out the window with a shotgun. Jaw-dropping and insanely awesome.


Superman Goes Home
SUPERMAN #0 presented an interesting tale stunning illustrated by Kenneth Rocafort that explored the lives of Jor-El and Lara as the pair discovered not only that Lara was pregnant with the would-be Man of Steel, but that Krypton was doomed. However, the real twist came at the end, when we observed Superman on the planet during this time. How he got there and what it means is still yet to be seen, but he was wearing a costume similar to the one in the promo image for Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel's upcoming run on Action Comics.


Gods, Old and New
This was a bit of a tough one. With a single splash page, Brian Azzarello capped off his first year on Wonder Woman with a literal "BOOM," one that sent fans into a frenzy of delight and excitement. It seemed impossible for him to top it, but with the very next issue—WONDER WOMAN #0—he did it through sheer ingenuity. Not only did Azzarello present a wonderfully engaging flashback story beautifully illustrated by Cliff Chiang, but he also told it in a very clever way through Golden Age-style narration.


The One Who Knocks
We’ve been anxiously anticipating the Joker’s return to Gotham ever seen he disappeared at the end of DETECTIVE COMICS #1. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo sent chills down our collective spines in BATMAN #13 and made sure to keep the Joker in the shadows until the climatic final scene. The issue ended with the Joker revealed in all his gory glory... while attacking Alfred at Wayne Manor. It was a moment that immediately set the stage and raised the stakes for this Batman epic.


Trinity War
The DC COMICS—THE NEW 52 FREE COMIC BOOK DAY special answered some questions and asked one really, really big one (with a really, really big gatefold illustration): what is the Trinity War?



Saw anything we missed? What were YOUR favorite DC Comics moments from 2012? Let us know in the comments below!