DC Week-In-Review: February 8th

DC Week-In-Review: February 8th

By Tim Beedle Friday, February 8th, 2013

Adrenalyzed, out of breath and more than a little bruised. That’s likely how Batman, Bane, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn feel after the first week of Injustice Battle Arena…but that could just as easily apply to us after trying to stay on top of all the DC Comics awesomeness this week. Why, in the past five days we’ve seen the launch of a massive new super hero tournament, a trailer for a new DC Animated Movie, an exciting new creative team make their debut on Green Arrow, the shocking finale of “Rotworld,” a slew of awesome new DC Collectibles that will be on display at Toy Fair and a pretty darn good episode of Arrow to boot.


With so much going on, you’re bound to have missed something. So let’s see if we can recap everything that happened this week…without it taking us till next week to complete.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


We started things off by popping open a bottle of champagne and giving Aquaman a round of noogies to celebrate the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special’s win at this weekend’s Annie Awards. Congrats, guys!


After the excitement of last months Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, we got a great glimpse of DC’s next animated adventure with the trailer for Superman: Unbound. Man, with Unbound hitting shops in May and Man of Steel coming to theaters in June, it’s a great summer to be a Superman fan.


On Tuesday we kicked off the Injustice Battle Arena, a 10-week super hero smackdown tied in with the upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us videogame. This week, Batman took on Bane and Wonder Woman faced Harley Quinn…and the results were entirely in your hands. If you’re a DC fan, Battle Arena’s been pretty hard to miss, but did you vote? Unfortunately, it’s too late to pick a winner in this week’s fights, but be sure to check in next Monday for our next two match-ups.


As for who won, first we suggest that you listen to Jay and Silent Bob discuss who they think would win, because, c'mon, it's Jay and Silent Bob. Then click here to see the Batman battle the Bane of his existence and click here to see Wonder Woman and Harley mix things up Injustice-style!


Injustice Battle Arena is just getting started, but unfortunately, Grant Morrison’s tenure as our Action Comics writer is soon coming to an end. To help us get ready for this month’s penultimate issue, he shared a few thoughts on his history with Superman as well as what we can expect from his final super-sized issue. We suggest reading the interviews linked above, then rewatching Grant discuss the Man of Steel in our Superman 101 video. Then try not to get a little misty-eyed.


Of course, at least we have a couple more issues of Morrison’s Action Comics to look forward to. “Rotworld” reached its end this Wednesday. If you haven’t read it, well, we’re not going to spoil the final two installments for you (we’ll leave that to This Just Happened). But we do suggest reading Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire’s thoughts on the finale.


Thursday brought a new version of our 5.2 Reasons column, and yes, we did recommend checking out a comic that was just cancelled. And we still recommend it! Good comics are good comics, and if you’re looking for a different side of DC COMICS – THE NEW 52, we suggest reading Sword of Sorcery along with all of the other great titles we mention in “5.2 Reasons to Read DC Comics…Even if You Don’t Like Super Heroes.”


Also on Thursday, we revealed some of the new toys and collectibles from DC Collectibles that will be on display at next week’s Toy Fair. They come out later in 2013, but you can check out some standouts by clicking here.


Finally, the latest edition of B&B (as in Bob Harras and Bobbie Chase) came out on CBR. If you haven’t seen this great new column yet, it’s a must-read. This week’s installment discussed some new annuals, creative changes and cancellations.


At last, we rolled into Friday which gave us a new edition of This Just Happened. You’ve read Green Arrow #17 by now, haven’t you? Well, then you should have no fear of clicking here. (Otherwise, spoilers, spoilers, red alert, spoilers!)


Bam! We told you it was a big, burly week! Pow! We can’t wait to see what next week brings! Whammo! And remember to come back to check out this week’s Battle Arena winners! Pop! Crunch! Whump!


Okay, we’re gonna go ice our typing fingers. We’ll see you again in seven!

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