5.2 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine's Day with DC Entertainment

5.2 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine's Day with DC...

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Every year on February 14, the world gets high on love—breathing in deeply that sweet, rosy and chocolately Valentine’s Day smell that hangs over couples like a storm cloud filled to the brim with candied hearts and rainbows. Love, that many splendored thing, is all around us. You can feel it in your brain. You can feel it in your heart. And you can certainly feel it in your wallet. ::dun dun chh::


Valentine’s Day is a great day for couples to get together and spend time with one another—doing all sorts of fun and romantic things. However, since every couple celebrates at the same time, things can get a bit... hectic. Restaurants are filled up way in advance. Flower shops and candy stores get picked dry. Ice cream stores and rom-com rentals see a sudden influx of business (Rocky Road and Bridget Jones’ Diary y’all! We mean... something cooler...)


As an alternative to the madness, rather than face the usual Valentine’s Day shenanigans, why not spend the day with us instead? In fact, here are 5.2 Reasons to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with DC Entertainment!


1. LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

For nerds like us, almost nothing beats cuddling up with your significant other on a couch and playing some video games. As such we recommend LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Besides the game being cute and adorable looking, it’s extremely fun to play—especially with a partner. You’ll both enjoy running around Gotham with tiny little LEGO legs, breaking all the LEGO-made scenery apart, and watching the bad guys burst into little LEGO parts. Also, Superman is HILARIOUS, especially when contrasted with Batman’s grumpiness and Robin’s exuberance.



2. Comic Trade

Why give flowers on Valentine’s Day? They’ll last at best, what, a week and a half? Then they’ll be as dead as Krypton. And chocolates? We just ate an entire box we bought for oursel—er, someone bought for us. Instead, use the holiday to share your love of comics and introduce your special guy or girl to your favorite graphic novels. Keeping with the theme, there’s Y: THE LAST MAN, a story about a man’s love for his girlfriend in the midst of a global collapse; ANIMAL MAN, about a man’s love for his family; or any Batman tale, a man in love with, uh, justice.



3. Batman: Li’l Gotham #5

Taking a note from the previous two entries, combine adorableness, fun, comic books and Valentine’s Day all together with the latest installment of the Digital First series BATMAN: LI’L GOTHAM, which just so happens to focus on this exact holiday! The series by Dustin Nguyen—easily one of our favorite artists—and his co-conspirator Derek Fridolfs is really too cute for words. Just take a look and try not to say “Awwww!”



4. Pun-Tacular Valentine’s Day Cards

If your significant other doesn’t get a chuckle out of these, break up with them. Okay. That’s a little harsh. Don’t do that. But still, these are hilarious. Originally found in the YOUNG ROMANCE: NEW 52 VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL, you can check some of them out below and head over here to see them all!



5. Renew Your (Lantern) Oaths

Getting your loved one a ring can be a big deal—so when you slip on that Lantern Ring, make sure it’s the right color! The last thing you want is to give her a rage ring when all she wanted was a little compassion.



5.1 Seriously. Adorable!




5.2 Other Activities

We’ll just leave this link here. You can extrapolate as you will.


How are you guys celebrating Valentine’s Day? It’s okay if it’s not with us. We’ll be all right. Our tears will keep us company. But seriously, feel free to share your plans below, along with which DC comic you think would make the best Valentine’s Day gift.

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