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DC Week-In-Review: February 15th

DC Week-In-Review: February 15th

By Tim Beedle Friday, February 15th, 2013

Can’t speak for the rest of you, but we’re feeling a little woozy after eating all of those candy hearts yesterday. You know, the ones that have cute little romantic messages. We’ve never been entirely sure about those things. Are you supposed to give them all to your sweetheart? Because we can’t imagine they’d be thrilled about all of those empty calories. Or are you supposed to share them with everyone? You do that and you run the risk of seeming like some sort of candy Casanova, or just a person who can’t make up their mind. Or are you supposed to eat them all yourself? Because then it seems like you’re telling yourself how good looking and awesome you are over and over again.


None of which has ANYTHING to do with the Week-In-Review. Just with how woozy we’re feeling, and how candy hearts are weird. So let’s drop them as a topic in favor of a few things that doesn’t try winning our affection with flirty notes of endearment (at least not where we buy them)—comic books, videogames, collectibles and other fun things!


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


Things got started off right this week with our group solicits for May, which included a couple intriguing new ongoing titles in “The Edge” family of books. Check them out along with all of our other May group solicits below.


Justice League



The Dark

The Edge

Young Justice

Beyond DC Comics – The New 52

Collected Editions

DC Collectibles


Let’s see, we’re forgetting something here, aren’t we. That’s right…


Green Lantern


And you may notice something about the comics in our Green Lantern group. Every writer is wrapping up their run with the May issue. That means you can look for an exciting announcement about our new Green Lantern creative teams soon. Like very soon…


Unfortunately, that also means that it’s time to say goodbye to some of the most phenomenal writers to ever play in the Lanternverse. Mr. Tomasi, Mr. Milligan, Mr. Bedard, we’ll miss you. And Mr. Johns, we don’t even know where to begin! A landmark, decade-long run is about to come to a close. Geoff shared a few thoughts about leaving Green Lantern on Monday, and if you’re a fan of his work or of Green Lantern, you should really check it out.


Along with group solicits, Monday kicked off a new week of Injustice Battle Arena. This time around, the Flash faced off against SHAZAM! while the Joker got serious with Lex Luthor. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes offered their thoughts. So did Tara Strong and Wayne Brady. But of course, it’s the number of votes each fighter receives that determines it, and if you’re wondering who took the trophy, you’ll have to watch today’s victory videos:


The Flash vs. SHAZAM!

The Joker vs. Lex Luthor


By the way, the fight between the Flash and SHAZAM! was really close. Really close. As in, your vote definitely DID make a difference. Still, upset about how things turned out? Well, we think this week’s new Aquaman Injustice trailer will cheer you up. Why? Oh…only because it’s one of the best Injustice trailers released so far! Check it out, if you haven’t already.


As we got closer to Wednesday, we turned the spotlight to a few of our talented creators. First, we spoke to Ray Fawkes about next month’s CONSTANTINE #1, and served up a five-page preview. Then we asked Scott Snyder to talk about this week’s conclusion of “Death of the Family.” So…who won? Batman or the Joker? The answer, you’ll see, is not so simple…


Also on Wednesday, we posted an exclusive video that gave us all a look at many of the exciting new statues and actions figures from DC Collectibles that were on display at Toy Fair.


Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and we were certainly struck by the arrow here on (though whether it was fired by Cupid or Oliver Queen, we’re not entirely sure). We started things off by firing off 5.2 Reasons you should spend your February 14th with DC Entertainment. And maybe your sweetheart. But definitely DC.


We also kicked off a new poll asking you to choose the most dateable male and female DC super heroes. The voting’s still going on, so if you haven’t taken the poll yet, you still can.


And speaking of dating super heroes, we thought it was also a good idea to give you a few tips on how to go about it. Just in case you happen to find any super heroes on OK Cupid.


We also gave you a good look at “Superman & Wonder Woman: The Kiss,” a beautifully, romantic new statue coming from DC Collectibles that was first unveiled at Toy Fair. Finally, we posted all of the DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 Valentine’s Day cards which can be found inside YOUNG ROMANCE: THE NEW 52 VALENTINE’S DAY SPECIAL #1. So which one is your favorite?


Finally, we stumbled in a Sweet Hearts-fueled stupor into Friday, where we posted the latest edition of This Just Happened. So which comic did we spoil—er, promote this week? That would be KATANA #1.


It was a week full of comics, cuddling and very, very close super hero fights. Hope it was a good one for you, and we’ll see you again in seven for another DC Week-In-Review.

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