MAD #520 is on Stands Today!

MAD #520 is on Stands Today!

By Alex Nagorski Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

The Usual Gang of Idiots is at it again!


Today, MAD MAGAZINE’s first issue of 2013 hit stands. As MTV GEEK revealed a few weeks ago, the issue focuses on the “50 Worst Things About Cartoons” and features a cover that spoofs Cartoon Network’s popular show, Adventure Time – with MAD’s poster boy Alfred E. Neuman taking on the role of Finn.


“MAD has never shied away from the weighty and controversial issues of the day – and if that means going after Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Family Guy and Phineas and Ferb – then so be it!” stated MAD editor John Ficarra. “Whether you love cartoons or hate them, you can’t afford to miss our ‘50 Worst Things About Cartoons’ issue (and with the current economy, we really can’t afford for you to miss it either).”


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