"Be a Super Hero. Read!" Activity Sheets

"Be a Super Hero. Read!" Activity Sheets

By Mike Jara Friday, March 15th, 2013

Kids love drawing. Now you can help your child pursue one of the highest forms of drawing -- comic book illustration! -- thanks to these free, fun activities from DC Comics and our friends at Capstone.

First, we'll start with drawing super heroes. This one-sheet shows kids how to start with a stick figure and then flesh it out, step by step, into a real action hero. Practice makes perfect!  Do it more than once. And why not do it together?  See whose super hero is most super.

Next, we give you an actual comic strip, complete with frames, action, and empty speech bubbles. So your child can decide what Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and their pointy-nosed nemeses are saying.

What's that? You have no story? No problem. Next week, we'll bring you a short but power-packed primer on "How to Write a Superhero Story."  Start practicing now so you're both ready to do it up DC Comics style next week.

Download the "Draw Your Own Super Hero" PDF

Download the "Design a DC Comic" PDF

Download the "Design a DC Comic" #2 & 3 PDF

And remember to encourage your child to enter the Be a Super Hero. Read! contest we're doing with Capstone. Your child could win an amazing prize for your family. Find out more here

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