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5.2 Reasons it's the Right Time to Dig the Batman TV Series

5.2 Reasons it's the Right Time to Dig the Batman TV...

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Welcome back, Bat-fans to another installment of the weekly feature 5.2 Reasons. When we last saw this column, it focused on the heroes of another world. The riddle now becomes…what to write about this time?

Hm, time... time is money. Money... can be spent. Spent on services... and goods. Goods give you an easier life... life is a journey, an incredible journey. HomeWard bound... Travel. When you travel, you need directions... north, south, east, West...

Holy disposable income, Bat-fans! That’s it! The new lines of products heading to stores based on the 1966 Batman television series staring Adam West and Burt Ward as the Dark Knight and Robin, the Boy Wonder!

That’s right, everyone. Licensed products based on the popular TV show are headed to toy stores and comic shops everywhere (and of course the Interwebs, accessible via your personal Batcomputer), which is enough reason for us to want to break out into the Batusi. From toys to dolls to costumes and more, we’re giving you 5.2 Reasons it’s the Right Time to Dig the Batman TV Series!


1. Action Figures from Mattel

Of course there’s Batman and Robin in a special two-pack, the Riddler, and many of the Caped Crusader’s other classic foes, but more importantly, there’s also the Penguin—meaning you can finally complete your Burgess Meredith toy collection by placing it alongside your Mickey Goldmill and Henry Bemis figures—and, wait for it, Surfing Batman, complete with Bermuda shorts. Hopefully, he also comes equipped with Bat-Shark Repellent.

2. Costumes from Rubies

Officially licensed costumes based on Batman, Robin, Catwoman and the Joker are currently planned (here’s hoping the Joker comes with Cesar Romero’s signature ‘stache). So, now when you bust out into that Batusi (mastered it yet?), you can do it in style—and then upload it onto the Web and send us the link, please.


3. Batmobile

Nothing will beat shouting, “Quick, to the Batmobile” while hanging out with your friends and then pulling this replica out of nowhere. Okay, well, lots of things could beat that, but it’ll still be pretty great. Naturally, you should then follow it up with “Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed, ready to move out,” and then run out of the room.

4. Junk Food Clothing

Junk Food has launched a new collection for men and women featuring imagery inspired by the characters and quotes from the classic television series. So now, like Batman himself, you can help spread the message of the importance of safety—because as we all know, safety comes first!

5. Even More Swag

A calendar from MEAD, 18-inch figures from NECA, two-inch Mezco figures of Batman and Robin complete with their own Batmobile, and a Batman Ken and Catwoman Barbie from Mattel. And that’s just what we know so far! At least for the next, oh…say, 7 or so hours. Why’s that? Hold that thought...