Talking Nightwing's Big Move with Kyle Higgins

Talking Nightwing's Big Move with Kyle Higgins

By Alex Nagorski Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Given the harrowing events of “Death of the Family” and the tragic death of Damian Wayne (a.k.a Robin), 2013 has already been an incredibly rough and difficult year for the Bat-family.

In NIGHTWING #19, Dick Grayson’s journey continues as he attempts to rebuild his life and identity following the sadness and betrayal he’s dealt with as of late. The issue, which also introduces new ongoing artist Brett Booth to the series, sees the former Robin relocating to Chicago in an attempt to have a fresh start … and to locate Tony Zucco, the man who murdered his parents and who he believed to already be dead.

“He's heading to Chicago to find the man that killed his parents,” series writer Kyle Higgins explained to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES about Nightwing’s big move to the Windy City. “As far as he's concerned, that's the only reason he's going and once that's over, he'll be heading back to Gotham City. We'll have to see how the story plays out, as to whether or not that will happen, but as far as Dick is concerned initially, that's what he's headed to Chicago for. And, speaking to the point that you mentioned of the one-two-three punch of big events that have really shaken Dick's world up, Tony Zucco in my mind represents something that Dick can control -- specifically, bringing him to justice is something that at this point in time represents something Dick has the power to change.”

“There’s mythology in Chicago we’re going to be tapping into,” Higgins continued to GAMMA SQUAD. “There used to be masks, vigilantes and heroes in the city, but there haven’t been for several years. They’re all dead. The mystery behind what happened to them will be … important.”

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NIGHTWING #19 swings into stores on April 17th.