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DC Week-In-Review: March 22nd

DC Week-In-Review: March 22nd

By Tim Beedle Friday, March 22nd, 2013


Oh sorry, this keyboard doesn’t seem to work unless you really slam the keys. We’ll try to type a little quieter.

It’s time for another DC Week-In-Review, Bat-fans! And by now you’ve no doubt noticed that we spent much of this week partying like it was 1966, what with all of the great news and products breaking this week about the classic Batman TV show. But we’ll get to those in a moment.

First, let’s take a look at some upcoming DC Comics covers. The whole covers. Yes, we’ve been unveiling April’s gatefold covers in their full, unfolded glory, and man, some of them are shocking. They’re also pretty darn beautiful. Don’t believe us? You can check out all of the ones we’ve revealed so far right here. Man, we’re still speechless over that Batman and Robin gatefold.

Oh wait… We haven’t revealed that one yet. Sorry. (But wait till you see it!)

Masters of the Universe fans! The first issue of He-Man’s new monthly ongoing kicks off in a few weeks. By now, you’ve surely seen the variant cover, right? No, not this variant cover. This one. Yeah, it’s fun! But you’ll have to subscribe to the series to get it.

And speaking of Masters of the Universe, we also gave you your first look at the new issue. That Pop Mhan must be powered by Grayskull or something.

Wednesday brought with it a new edition of Ask DC Collectibles—this time all about the new Injustice: Gods Among Us line of action figures! They’re 3 3/4” which means you can now have Deathstroke take on that silent, sword-wielding ninja from that other popular franchise. You know you’ve been dreaming of it!

As for us, we’ve been dreaming of owning our very own super-pet one day. Now, thanks to our brand new Super-Pet Selector Quiz, we know exactly which one we’ll pick. But that’s not what matters. This column is for you, the fans. So do YOU know which costume clad critter is perfect for you? You don’t!?! Then take the quiz and find out!

Now, on to some talent interviews. Brian Azzarello has been killing it on Wonder Woman. Seriously, we love this series, and we love the guy writing it. And we especially love hearing him talk about the series, like he does here. Of course, we’re also pretty keen on Kyle Higgins so we’d call his thoughts on Nightwing’s current relocation a must read as well.

Do you have a spouse? Kids? Parents? Dog? Do you live in what could be called a household? How’d you like to be the hero of it? Because if you win this awesome prize package, that’s exactly what your family will call you. (And psst! You don’t need to have a full household to win. This stuff looks just as great in a studio apartment in Toledo.)

Time to dust of the spoiler alert now because we had TWO separate This Just Happened posts hit the blog today. The first takes a look at Wonder Woman #18 (we told you we love it) and that issue’s family reunion. After that, we posted this look at Justice League #18 and its roster of candidates vying for the Justice League. Who’s going to make the cut? We don’t know, but one thing’s for sure—the League’s a-changing!

Harley Quinn’s quickly becoming a favorite character in both the Injustice game and comic series. The latest Injustice character trailer gives us a glimpse of her storyline—time to switch the relationship status to “It’s Complicated”—and a sweet, sweet surprise cameo by the Scarecrow.

Okay, time to hold the Bat-phone and stock up on shark repellent, the Batman Classic TV Series is coming back in a big way. First, we listed off the 5.2 reasons it’s the right time to dig the show. After that, we gave you a glimpse at last night’s very exclusive Batman Classic event. Holy Adam West, Batman! And in doing so, we also broke the news about our upcoming Batman ’66 digital first comic, which is set in the universe of the show. Groovy!

Don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see some bell-bottom clad butt-kicking. (Yes, yes, we know that Batman doesn’t wear bell-bottoms on the show and likely won’t in the comic. But a fan can dream!)

That’s it for this week’s review. Join us again next week for a new column. Same bat-time, same bat—er, we mean… We’ll see you again in seven.

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