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Exclusive Preview of JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #6

Exclusive Preview of JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #6

By Alex Nagorski Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Last month, JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #5 continued the gorgeous anthology-style six issue miniseries curated by the legendary Joe Kubert.

In stores today, the final issue of the miniseries features the conclusion of “Spit,” where the boy’s adventures on a whaling ship lead to an important decision concerning his future.

Next up is “The Ruby,” where Kubert and Pete Carlsson tell the origin story of one of DC Comics’ most magical heroes from the Golden Age.

Then, in another chapter of Sam Glanzman’s heart-wrenching tale of his time served in WWII: “U.S.S. Stevens, Back and Forth 1941-1945,” Glanzman reflects on specific moments from throughout WWII and the significant role the U.S.S. Stevens had to play within them.

And in the continuing adventures of “Angel and the Ape,” Angel continues her interview with top notch reporter Noel Kurt. What new secrets will Angel reveal about the agency? Find out in another hilarious take by Brian Buniak.

Plus, don’t miss the return of Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth, brought to you by Joe Kubert and Brandon Vietti—in a tale unlike any you’ve read before! In “Devil’s Play” Kamandi is visited by Etrigan the Demon while he attempts to cure mankind of their “curse.”

Available now, JOE KUBERT PRESENTS #6 concludes the far ranging collection of stories from Kubert and his peers. Check out the gallery above for an exclusive preview of the various stories featured in the issue.