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DC Week-In-Review: April 5th

DC Week-In-Review: April 5th

By Tim Beedle Friday, April 5th, 2013

If we were a roll of a certain popular, circle-shaped hard candy rather than a comic book publisher, we’d be one of the multi-flavored ones. At least this week. (And yes, we do spend our lunch break thinking up analogies like that. What of it?) We started the week off with a laugh and a wink before getting very serious for a moment. Of course, that’s until we found ourselves becoming quite excited about things just over the horizon.

Yes, we take April Foolery pretty darn seriously around here, and we weren’t about to let the first of the month pass us by without having a little fun with it. If you visited that day, you were treated to a slide suggesting we had revealed the newest Robin over the weekend at WonderCon. Of course, anyone who found that news to be worrisome really couldn’t have been farther off the mark, as the post you were taken to quickly revealed.

However, that was just the beginning of our fooling around that day. We also offered up some great joke ideas to play on a few of your favorite super heroes and villains. However, the real joke could be found in our “newly updated” character bios for Batman and Superman, and we didn’t come clean about it until the following day. It’s not surprising that we decided to have some fun with the fact that Mrs. Wayne and Mrs. Kent both have the same first name. What is surprising is how many of you thought our little joke would be a great idea for a real story twist!

On April 2nd, we debuted a new Batman-themed crowdfunding campaign to benefit We Can Be Heroes. It launched us into the second year of the campaign, and is just the start of a series of initiatives designed to help us fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa. Now, if you’ve seen some of the perks you can earn for donating, you’ll know there are plenty of reasons to support the campaign, but we thought we’d list out 5.2 of them for you anyhow this week. And if your kids are wondering what they can do to help out, well, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Speaking of kids, if you have any young girls—or snowboarding enthusiasts—in your home, you may want to let them know about the Supergirl Snow Pro this weekend.

And if they’re old enough to have a Pinterest page, you may also want to let them know that DC Comics is now on Pinterest. That is, after you’ve started following us yourself.

Moving on in the week, we announced our exciting C2E2 lineup. Yes, we know it feels like we just finished up with WonderCon. That’s because we just did.

Let’s give a very respectful, dignified and proper round of applause to Saucer Country and to Amanda Conner, who have been nominated for Hugo and Reuben Awards respectively. These are serious awards, so they deserve serious applause.

Of course, there’s nothing serious about DC Collectibles’ new high-end custom MAD prints. Except for how awesome they are.

And on the subject of DC Collectibles, did you see the sweet trailer they debuted for their new Superman and Wonder Woman: “The Kiss” statue? We suspect that if you buy it for the special person in your life, you may earn a few amazing kisses yourself.

As we reached the end of the week, we announced a new wave of Annuals hitting shops in July. Any Animal Man fans who were hoping to see Travel Foreman take on Buddy Baker again are going to be pretty happy…

Of course, any Batwing reader who hasn’t read this week’s BATWING #19 yet is probably NOT going to be very happy if they click this link. That’s because it leads to today’s This Just Happened column, which spoils the issue’s big twist.

Finally, as good a week as this was, it closed on a sad note when we learned of the passing of beloved comic book artist and one-time DC Comics Publisher Carmine Infantino, who died on Thursday. Among other things, Carmine was responsible for redesigning the Flash, creating the Scarlet Speedster that comic book fans know today. We shared a few thoughts on Carmine’s passing and legacy here at DC Comics and in the industry as a whole, and of course offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Yes, many flavors this week, some sweet and some somber. And we can expect even more next week. We’ll see you again in seven to discuss it!