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The Injustice Justice League Sale

The Injustice Justice League Sale

By Tim Beedle Monday, April 15th, 2013

The upcoming Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, which releases on April 16, pits the world’s greatest heroes and villains against one another in a face-punching, scenery-smashing brawl across the streets, rooftops and hidden Batcaves of the DC Universe. From Superman and Batman to Black Adam and SHAZAM! all the way to Catwoman and Doomsday, there’s no end to the pugilistic possibilities in this super hero smackdown.

But even the best fighters need breaks, so in between punching your favorite heroes through the Daily Planet and across the streets of Metropolis, we suggest you check out the digital comic book adventures of the world’s greatest super heroes with our special Injustice Justice League Sale! From Grant Morrison’s critically acclaimed JLA to Brad Meltzer’s lauded IDENTITY CRISIS and JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA to Geoff John’s and Jim Lee’s JUSTICE LEAGUE relaunch as part of DC COMICS—THE 52, these issues are perfect for any longtime fan of the League or anyone looking to learn more after playing the video game.

Plus, as an added bonus, we’re offering the first issue of the INJUSTICE tie-in comic book series for FREE!

The 4-day sale begins on 4/15 in the DC Comics Digital Store!