Create Your Own Adventures with Printables

Create Your Own Adventures with Printables

By Grayson Wolfe Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Have you been watching Teen Titans Go!? No matter how psyched you and your kids are, you aren't really ready till you have the Teen Titans Go! printables pack fully deployed for adventures.

And it's easy! You and your kids can make paper figures of all five Teen Titans. Once the figures are cut out and ready for action, kids can create their own adventures by posing these teen super heroes on printable backdrops taken right from the show itself. If you start creating the pack now, the kids can play along as they watch.

Click here to download and start the fun.

You just print them, color them, and then cut them out. We suggest printing on card stock, so they'll last longer and hold their shape better. No card stock? Glue another sheet of paper or cardboard on the back for support before you cut it out. 

Don't forget to tune in Tuesdays at 7:30pm/6:30C -- only on Cartoon Network.