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Music Unbound: The Superman: Unbound Soundtrack

Music Unbound: The Superman: Unbound Soundtrack

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

You may not think of him as part of a duo, but Superman’s always worked with a partner.

We’re not talking about Supergirl, Jimmy Olsen or even Lois Lane. No, every time you’ve seen the Man of Steel on the big screen or small, he’s always been accompanied by some truly stirring music.

Superman: Unbound, the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie, continues this fine tradition with a rousing score by composer Kevin Kliesch that’s available today on CD and digital download.

“Director James Tucker and I agreed that a purely orchestral approach to the score was the wrong direction,” Kliesch said when asked about the score. “So I assembled a large sound palette that included a heavy dose of electronics overlaid on top of the orchestra. I wanted to give a nod to the traditional super hero themes by utilizing the brass section, but at the same time I wanted it to sound fresh and contemporary, so there's a generous amount of synthetic textures and driving percussion underneath it all. As for Brainiac, I wanted his music to have an otherworldly sound that hints not so slightly of madness and hubris combined.”

As a character, Superman tends to be associated with bright colors, optimism and truth, justice and the American way, which Kliesch confirms helps to inform many of his choices.

“Superman has always been associated with a powerful and noble theme, which is usually represented by the brass section, so I didn't want to break tradition in that sense,” he elaborates. “But I might lean less heavily on the ‘super hero fanfare’ aspect of the character, depending on who it was that I was composing for. I'll just have to figure that one out when the next movie comes along.”

Click here to hear excerpts from the Superman: Unbound soundtrack or to purchase the CD, or click here to download the album on iTunes. And don’t forget to pick up Superman: Unbound on Blu-Ray, DVD, On Demand or Digital Download next Tuesday, May 7th.