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The Green Arrow Sale

The Green Arrow Sale

By Kevin Mahadeo Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

The season finale of the critically acclaimed CW television series Arrow airs tonight—meaning that after this evening’s can’t-miss hour of television greatness, there won’t be any new episodes of Stephen Amell taking out villains as the Emerald Archer until next Fall. It’ll be a rough time to get through, but we have something that should help alleviate the pain: the comics that inspired the show, now more affordable than ever with the DC Comics Digital Green Arrow Sale!

From the definitive GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE by Andy Diggle and Jock to GREEN ARROW: THE LONGBOW HUNTERS by Mike Grell to writer/director/actor/geek god Kevin Smith’s run on the GREEN ARROW series, now you can follow the comic book adventures of Oliver Queen with over 25 comic book issues, all for only 99 cents each!

And as a special bonus, you can also download the first two chapters of the digital first ARROW comic book during the sale—absolutely free!

The sale begins today and continues until May 23 in the DC Comics Digital Store. Act while you can before you miss the mark on this great deal!