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What Did Fans Think of Green Lantern #20?

What Did Fans Think of Green Lantern #20?

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Last week saw an end of an era here at DC Comics with the publication of the extra-sized GREEN LANTERN #20, Geoff Johns’ final issue as writer of the series.

We spoke quite a bit about it. Geoffspoke about it. Cool folks with last names like Gaiman, Morrison and Donner spoke about it. But the people we really wanted to hear from on this classic issue were you—all of our great Green Lantern fans. We asked you to share your reader reviews on Twitter using the #GL20 hashtag. And as always, you didn’t disappoint…

Have you read GREEN LANTERN #20 yet? If not, look for it in shops, or download it right now in the DC Comics Digital Store. If you have read it, and you’re not on Twitter, feel free to leave your review down below!