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What’s New In The New 52: Meet Exeter

What’s New In The New 52: Meet Exeter

By Bob Harras Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Welcome to week nine of What's New in The New 52 – where you, the fans, get a sneak peek at the stuff that crosses our desks. This little feature is a way to keep you all in the loop about what's new, different and exciting in The New 52 – whether it's a character design, cover, splash page or panel.

At the edge of the universe, there lays something called The Anomaly. Even before they were locked away for millennia, the Templar Guardians have feared that something terrible can be found there. And low and behold, they might have been right. As the self-appointed guardian of The Anomaly, it’ll be up to new character Exeter to make sure that whatever threats it contains won’t be released. So naturally, when Kyle Rayner comes to check out The Anomaly for himself, the tensions will be high between these two.

In the gallery above, check out not only series artist Brad Walker’s design for Exeter, but also see how his look evolved throughout the various stages of his creation. And you’ll also see what Exeter looks like when he makes his inaugural appearance in next week’s GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #21.

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