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What's New In The New 52: Doomsday's Return

What's New In The New 52: Doomsday's Return

By Bob Harras Friday, June 14th, 2013

You already know that this September, one of the Villains starring in his own special one-shot will be the infamous Doomsday.

But who is Doomsday? In The New 52, the legends surrounding this character have become stories told to terrify Kryptonians. Nobody knows who created him, where he comes from, or even dares to utter his name louder than in a whisper. But are the various myths about what the Doomsday creature is real? Was he really let loose on an army? And if nobody knows the truth behind this villain’s origin, is there really a way to stop him? Check out Aaron Kuder's design above.

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