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5.2 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day with DC Entertainment

5.2 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day with DC Entertainment

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, July 4th, 2013

There’s a certain smell in the air today—a smell of hamburgers and hotdogs mixed with fireworks and Roland Emmerich films. It’s the smell of patriotism. The smell of freedom. The smell of American Independence Day.

Yes, today marks a momentous holiday for the states, and sure there are the traditional ways of celebrating—sleeping in, grilling up food, setting off some fireworks, reciting the speech from “Independence Day”—but while you can certainly do all that, we’re here to offer some extra suggestions. Suggestions that bring a dose of DC Entertainment into the mix! Because what better way to celebrate than with the World’s Greatest Superheroes!

Check out these 5.2 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day with DC Entertainment!

1. The American Vampire Sale

Running until July 8, the American Vampire Sale features every issue of the Eisner Award-winning series by Scott Snyder (you may know him from a little book called BATMAN) and Rafael Albuquerque (you may know him from his insanely amazing art) as well as the American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest and American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares limited series—all for only 99 cents each! It takes bleeding Red, White, and Blue to a whole new level! Well, a similar level, where it’s mostly red... a lot of red.


2. Trinity Aprons

As mentioned, lighting up the grill and throwing down some hotdogs or burgers—veggie or meaty!—is sort of an Independence tradition. Well, now you can do it in style with these awesome aprons featuring Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman!


3. Justice League of America #1 State Covers

The best-selling Justice League of America launched with special variant covers, each featuring a different state flag. We say you hunt down each one of the 50 states and proudly display them all in your room. Then invite your friends over for the BBQ (in which you’ll be wearing those previously mentioned aprons) and give them the tour of the house. “Oh this? This is just my patriotic Justice League of America collection. No big... Except total big and totally cool.”