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What's New In The New 52: Relic's Origin Revealed

What's New In The New 52: Relic's Origin Revealed

By Bob Harras Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Ever since the new creative teams took over in June, each issue within the GREEN LANTERN family of titles has featured a black-and-white variant cover by Rags Morales that tells a small piece of Relic’s origin story. And in September’s GREEN LANTERN #23.1: RELIC, all of these covers will be collected – fully lettered, in color, and with additional new pages – to tell the full story about where this mysterious villain came from and how he came to be.

Why does Relic have such a profound dislike towards ring wielders? When the answers will be revealed, you might even – dare I say – find yourself rooting for him! This imperative one-shot directly sets the stage for this October’s crossover event, “Lights Out.” Trust me when I tell you this is not an issue you’ll want to miss.

Above, take a look at Morales’ interior art from Relic’s one-shot, featuring the villain in a very high velocity portion of his journey from where he came to where he is now. And once you get to this page in this issue, you’ll see Relic in a whole new light.

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