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5.2 Reasons Ivan Reis Rocks

5.2 Reasons Ivan Reis Rocks

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, August 29th, 2013

When it comes to creating unforgettable comic books, having a great artist as well as an amazing writer sort of comes part-and-parcel with the package. You know, cause of the whole graphic storytelling thing. It's, like, literally one-half of the phrase.

A skilled artist not only creates eye-popping imagery but also uses that imagery to bring the story to life through panel-to-panel sequential storytelling. It's a difficult skill to master, but if skills were hit points, artist Ivan Reis might as well be a Level 99 Kryptonian Flame Dragon.

The Brazilian artist burst onto the scene when he was only 14 years old but he really hit the big time during his stellar run with Geoff Johns on the Green Lantern series. Since then, Reis just kept getting better and better, culminating (thus far) with his jaw-droppingly amazing art on Justice League during the "Trinity War" crossover event.

To say we're fans is a bit of an understatement, so to express our appreciation we're giving you readers 5.2 Reasons Ivan Reis Rocks!

SPOILER ALERT! A Big Reveal From the Finale of "Trinity War" is Below! Read at your Own Risk!


1. The Invisibles

He started off his career at DC Comics working with Grant Morrison. On the Invisibles. For real. Issue #18. Check it.


2. Green Lantern

Just his whole dang run

3. Sinestro Corps Batman

In Green Lantern #17, he gave us this awesome image of the Dark Knight inducted into the Sinestro Corps. A few years later, he would give us something even more awesome concerning the Caped Crusader.