DC NEW 52 VILLAINS OMNIBUS Gets A 3-D Motion Cover

DC NEW 52 VILLAINS OMNIBUS Gets A 3-D Motion Cover

By Alex Nagorski Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Just in time for the holiday season, every Villains Month issue will be collected in a massive deluxe hardcover compilation. Like the DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 and DC COMICS-THE NEW 52 ZERO omnibus editions before it, the DC NEW 52 VILLAINS OMNIBUS will be your complete and comprehensive guide to this year’s exciting and groundbreaking September event.

This collected edition has a 3-D Motion cover that is a montage of artwork from September’s 3-D Motion covers. The 3-D Motion cover will be available only on the first printing of this hardcover. And in the gallery above, we’ve got your exclusive first look at this exciting image!

This 1,184 page title collects all 52 of September’s Villains month issues, including JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.1-23.4, JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7.1-7.4, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #23.1-23.2, AQUAMAN #23.1-23.2, EARTH 2 #15.1-15.2, THE FLASH #23.1-23.3, GREEN ARROW #23.1, WONDER WOMAN #23.1-23.2, ACTION COMICS #23.1-23.4, SUPERMAN #23.1-23.4, BATMAN/SUPERMAN #3.1, BATMAN #23.1-23.4, BATMAN AND ROBIN #23.1-23.4, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #23.1-23.4, DETECTIVE COMICS #23.1-23.4, GREEN LANTERN #23.1-23.4, SWAMP THING #23.1 and TEEN TITANS #23.1-23.2.

The hardcover stars villains such as The Joker, Grodd, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, Cheetah and dozens of others in stories written by Geoff Johns, Matt Kindt, Jeff Lemire, Ann Nocenti, Greg Pak, Gail Simone, Charles Soule, Peter J. Tomasi and many others. 

On sale December 11 in comic book stores and on December 17 in bookstores everywhere, DC NEW 52 VILLAINS OMNIBUS is a must-have for any comics fan.