First Look at ACTION COMICS #25

First Look at ACTION COMICS #25

By Alex Nagorski Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Yesterday, we showed you a sneak peek at GREEN ARROW #25. Today, we’re giving you a first look at another BATMAN: ZERO YEAR tie-in: ACTION COMICS #25!

Hitting stores next month, ACTION COMICS #25 serves as the debut issue of this acclaimed and New York Times bestselling series’ all-new creative team of writer Greg Pak (BATMAN/SUPERMAN) and artist Aaron Kuder (GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS). In this issue, a young, impetuous Clark Kent has only just started his life as Superman, and his understanding of his powers isn’t yet fully realized. So when he sees a storm is about to hit Gotham City, he’ll take it upon himself to try to stop it – but is he capable of doing so yet?

"We're going to see a young, cocky Superman testing his limits by taking on what might be the most powerful opponent he could ever find. In short, for the first time, Clark begins to think he might be an actual force of nature. We'll see if he's right,” Pak teased to COMIC BOOK RESOURCES about the issue. “I also loved the idea of launching my ACTION run with a story set in the past. It's a great way to start the character at the beginning and lay out some of the big themes we're thinking about in a big way. And the nice capper is that Scott Snyder's one of my favorite people in comics and I was thrilled by the chance to come over and play in his backyard.”

“The story takes place just before the events of Morrison's ACTION COMICS #1. So Clark's young, new to Metropolis, new to superhero-ing. Much as in my first BATMAN/SUPERMAN storyline, he's young and raw and cocky. But we'll get a peek at the vulnerable side of him, too, and explore what's really going on under the skin,” Pak continued to NEWSARAMA.

ACTION COMICS #25 will also serve as the return of fan-favorite character, Lana Lang, who’ll become an integral part of the series moving forward. And in a back-up story written by Pak and illustrated by Scott McDaniel and Aaron Kuder, watch the seeds for issue #26 and this series’ explosive new arc be planted.

“It’s about a character in motion. It’s about a character’s journey, not necessarily what he represents or symbolizes, but what a character is actively struggling to figure out or do in the world. That’s another part of ACTION for me,” Pak explained to COMICS ALLIANCE about his plans for the series. “Superman’s not a monolith. He’s a hero. He’s in motion, trying to do the right thing in the world, and he’s struggling. That’s what makes him compelling."

In the gallery above, take an exclusive first look at Kuder’s interior art for ACTION COMICS #25, and don’t miss the issue when it flies into stores on November 6th!