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DC All Access: A Batman Thanksgiving

DC All Access: A Batman Thanksgiving

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Holy hidden easter eggs, Batman! Did you catch today’s new episode of “DC All Access”?

If you did, you heard Batman Group Editor Mike Marts discuss the intriguing new Batman Eternal image that Scott Snyder revealed to the world this morning. Drawn by Jason Fabok, the illustration features over twenty key characters in a Thanksgiving-inspired pose. But that’s just the start. Marts suggests taking a close look at Commissioner Gordon, but that’s just the start of the secrets and mysteries to be found within this illustration.

We figured you’d like a closer look, so click on the image below to view it full-size.

So what else do you see? What do you think it all means? The conversation begins now! Leave your thoughts below and keep your eye on “DC All Access” and for all the latest Batman Eternal news.