12 Days of Great Gift Ideas...DAY 12!!!

12 Days of Great Gift Ideas...DAY 12!!!

By Grayson Wolfe Monday, October 21st, 2013


Is it us, or are the holidays sneaking up on us faster than normal? No need to worry- We've got you covered with the 12 Days of Great Gift Ideas!

Every day until Christmas Eve (for you last minute shoppers)  we'll add another gift idea to our list.  Happy Shopping!


Day 1: Shoes,,,, We think this pair of sneakers is just as cool as can be... check it out HERE


Day 2: Piggy Bank,,, you’ll be in hog heaven with this super cute superman piggy bank… check it out HERE


Day 3: Batmobile… who doesn’t think the Batmobile is cool… this is one of those no-brainers!...check it out HERE

Day 4: “Flash”-Drive… We know its clever, and when you give thisgift, you can take all the credit….check it out HERE


Day 5: Harley Tank Dress… It's no joke!  This colorful tank dress will deck YOU out this holiday season…check it out HERE

Day 6: Court of Owls Hardcover + Mask… This is an absolute MUST for any Batman Fan.  The mask is a little spooky, but AWESOME!...check it out HERE

Day 7: Superman Dog Collar… Don't forget the pooch this holiday!...check it out HERE

Day 8: Wonder Woman apron… From the kitchen to the BBQ, we got you covered in style!...check it out HERE

Day 9: The Penguin Sub...Admit it, this is totally cute and totally awesome at the same time...check it out HERE

Day 10: Superman Film Anthology... All the Superman classics in one place!...check it out HERE

Day 11: Batman raincoat... this has got to be one of the coolest things ever…we cant’ wait for the next thunderstorm!...check it out HERE

DAY 12: OK... its Christmas Eve and you're frantic on what to get your DC Comics fan for Christmas...fear not!  How about a DC Comics e-gift card?!   It's instant... thats right... 2 minutes from now you can have this gift card redeemabale for HUNDREDS of books sent to your little (or big) super-hero in a flash!....check it out HERE

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