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20.8 Gift Ideas for DC Universe Heroes and Villains

20.8 Gift Ideas for DC Universe Heroes and Villains

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, December 19th, 2013

It's crunch time, folks! The holidays are right upon us and we've been so busy coming up with our own wish list and dreaming about the gifts we'll be getting (almost got your room all set up, future pet monkey Ampersand) that we've totally forgotten to purchase gifts for the two sets of people we value the most.

Firstly: our fans. As such, we dedicate this column to you! Congrats! We love you more than Arrow fans like us love Stephen Amell's abs and the geeky cute way that Felicity blushes when she sees them.

Secondly: the very characters that keep our comics as awesome as they've been for over 75 years—the heroes and villains of the DC Universe!

What's that? You didn't get them any gifts for them either? No worries, loyal readers. Because you mean more to us than being a super-creepy weirdo means to James Gordon Jr., we can go in together on these presents. And we've already got some ideas of what to get!

So, since this is our last column of the year and since the holidays are 1.5 times more festive than Thanksgiving, three-quarters times the excitement of Halloween, 2.75 times as fun as any other day, half as gift-friendly as your birthday, and has twice the amount of movies themed around it, here are the…er, hmm… The 20.8 Gift Ideas for DC Universe Heroes and Villains!


1. Superman

We covered this one already. Big Blue definitely wants a friend.


2. Batman

Year's Worth of Therapy Session. Dude's got problems.

3. Wonder Woman

Metal Polish for gauntlets, armor and weapons. Plus a nice pair of pants. Like a sword, the God of War needs to look sharp.

4. The Flash

Pet Turtle.


5. Green Lantern

Matching "Best Friends" T-Shirt with Sinestro.


6. Aquaman

Aquarium. For when his fish friends come to visit.

7. Cyborg

Best Buy Gift Card and Subscription to Wired


8. Animal Man

2014 Puppy Calendar


9. Batgirl

Joker Punching Bag


10. Green Arrow

Book on Relationships. He really, really needs this.


11. Dick Grayson

Light blue deep V-neck shirt with ridiculously large popped collar. Seems like something he'd wear.

12. Black Canary

Tuning Fork


13. Catwoman

Catnip. Obviously.


14. Supergirl

Krypton to English Dictionary


15. Lex Luthor

Toupee with Superman curl

16. Ares

DC Super Heroes Chess Set


17. Captain Cold

Tickets to Disney on Ice


18. Sinestro

Matching "Best Friends" T-Shirt with Hal


19. Black Manta

Season 1 of Revenge on Blu-Ray


20. Atrocitus:

Stress Ball


20.1. Black Adam

Xanax. If anyone needs a chill pill, it's probably this guy.

20.2. Darkseid

How to Win Friends and Influence People. The perfect gift for any would-be conqueror.


20.3. Deathstroke

World's #1 Dad Coffee Mug. Whomp whomp.


20.4. Harley Quinn

Joker Plushie


20.5 Solomon Grundy

Book of Poetry/Nursery Rhymes


20.6 Cheetah

Cat Scratcher. This'll keep her busy for hours. (Seriously, how has Wonder Woman never thought of this?)


20.7 Poison Ivy

Clothes. It's winter and her outfit mainly consists of leaves. Think about that.

20.8. Joker

Nothing. What are we, insane? We shouldn't go anywhere near this guy.

Can you think of any other gift ideas for our heroes and villains? Let us know in the comments below! And yes, we know, underwear for Superman. From all of us here at, have a great holiday season and a Happy New Year! See you all in 2014!